Introduction to the Orlando by Night Influence System

This is an updated influence system as we experiment for what will lead to character interactions and downtime! Subject to change.  


Each Territory will be able to affect the following mechanics in game: Blood, Influence, Science, Medical, Academics, Computers.

Each territory will be considered to be at 0 for the start of this system. Downtime actions will provide positive markers or negative markers to the chart for each item. Each category can only go up or down by 5 (so the most is either a +5 or -5). Downtimes will be answered by the latest every Tuesday, and there will be two cycles for Downtime actions (1st/2nd week, 3rd/4th week).

A characters available downtime actions are Humanity/Path rating + DT granted by Computers skill + DT granted by dots in Science skill + Retainers. Downtime actions via retainers are only available with what that retainer can accomplish. Computer skill gives you 1 extra Downtime. Science give you 1 extra downtime for each dot of science BUT only as it relates to that Science specialty.

All members of a Clan, Faction or Sect (real, adopted or imposter) gain the positive and negative effects of their territory at the start of the next game. Players can affect the following changes into their territory:

Blood –

  • If this category is positive for the month, a Feeding DT is not required for the Clan to start at full blood for Game.
  • Start with less blood than maximum regardless of feeding DT (if a DT for feeding is not sent in, start at half – modifier)
  •  Plus or minus to social actions to feed in a given territory


  • Plus or minus to mundane (non-supernaturally powered abilities) Science actions while inside territory


  • Plus or minus to mundane (non-supernaturally powered abilities) Medical actions while inside territory


  • Plus or minus to mundane (non-supernaturally powered abilities) Academics actions while inside territory


  • Plus or minus to mundane (non-supernaturally powered abilities) computer actions while inside territory


  • Plus or minus to Influence actions while inside territory; as in you will be considered to have 1 higher or 1 lower than your actual influence dots.

Each of these items will be tracked on a chart run by the ST Team. Each downtime action that promotes and seeks to expand access to an area will give it a +1 on the chart, while a -1 will be given to any DT action taken to negatively affect that area. At every level of 5 (plus or minus) the specific item will be influenced in the territory.

An example is Terry Toreador spends one of his DT actions to promote an art show in his territory, used to encourage more folks attending nightlife and thus to increase Blood access. This will be a +1 to the category, getting him closer to access to more blood for him and his Clan. If he and his Clanmates can submit 4 more DT actions in the same vein between the two cycles, at the start of next game then Clan Toreador will be +1 blood (to max).

Another example is Billy Brujah, who decides he wants to hurt the Underworld influence in Vinny Ventrue’s turf. He specifically spends a DT action to stalk the streets, looking for crime committed and calling the police (all done to harm the influence). If he can get away with this for long enough, or gets his Brujah buddies to help, then the Ventrue territory will be at a -1 to their Underworld influence actions.

At the beginning of game, there will be an announcement of which Clan territories are up, or which are down, for the next month.

Influence Actions 

These are the following actions a player can take with their downtime actions:

  • Growth – These are actions meant to increase a category. Hosting an art exhibit is an example of growth with Blood. Growth can also be used to justify increasing various backgrounds or skills, to explain how you are getting better.
  • Feel the Pulse – you spend the time to check on all aspects of your territory, getting to understand how it works and it’s actions. This will give you a snapshot of the current spread, telling you where your territory is on each scale.
  • Stealth – This will let you hide your actions, so your DT’s this cycle cannot be seen with Feel the Pulse.
  • Attack(Specific Category) – This can be done in a territory to weaken a category, for example promoting street crime in a neighborhood to affect Blood.
  • Block(Specific category) – Guard against one level of attack. This can be stacked. As an example, if you block against attack against Blood you absorb the hit of the first penalty to that category.
  • Influence – Use your influence actions, as designed by BNS Masquerade book. All responses are handled by ST staff.
  • Feeding – a DT submitted once a month, to enter at full blood.