Elder Powers

Song in the Dark (Animalism 6)

Player spends 3 blood and a standard action to imbue a creature under his control with a shard of his beast.  The creature infused thus morphs and twists into a monstrous version of its former self.  This creature while so imbued becomes equivalent to a 6pt ghouled animal retainer. Uses of Subsume the Spirit against the creature by its creator are automatically successful.  The creature remains in said form for a single scene after which the beast shard leaves the animal and returns to the Kindred.  The animal returns to its original form.  The Kindred gains Beast Traits equal to the sins committed by the creature and may test down as normal.  If both the Kindred and Beast participate together in a sin, these effects are independent and thus result in a larger gaining of beast traits.

Discern the Aura (Auspex 6) 

The player spends 2 blood and a standard action to immediately learn the following about everyone within eyesight: Whether they are mortal, supernatural, or currently possessed, all those feeling a particular emotion picked by the player, and any individuals with immediate violent intent.

Flawless Parry (Celerity 6)

After activating Celerity, the player may spend one blood and a simple action, for the rest of the turn you may only be targeted by a single physical action each round.

Carry the Master’s Voice (Dominate 6)


 In order to grant a Dominate command to a carrier, said carrier must possess a point of the Elder’s blood or be under the effects of Conditioning (Dominate 4). The Dominate power imprinted must be one of the first three levels of the Discipline. The player spends a Willpower point, and a blood. The carrier must make eye contact with the subject as normal to initiate the power. The carrier then makes a challenge against the target using the test pool of the Master.

The power can affect anyone whom the user would normally be able to affect. This test must take place with one hour or the power fades from the character.  As the power originates from the Master, it is subject to the same failure limitations as if it had originated directly from the Master.  A person, be it a Cainite, ghoul or mortal, can carry only a single application of this power at a time.


Adamantine (Fortitude 6)


 The player spends a Willpower to ignore a single source provided that it does not inflict more than six levels of damage.  This Willpower may be spent before or after the test has been conducted and can be utilized in addition to the regular Willpower retest expenditure.  This power works in conjunction with Personal Armor.


Mind Blank (Obfuscate 6)


 A Kindred with this power is automatically aware of any attempts to read his aura or enter his mind, though he may not know the source.  Additionally, once detected, the player has the option to spend a blood prior to the contested challenge to conceal his mind or aura from intrusion.  The Kindred attempting the intrusion is met with a blank result or a void where their target’s mind should exist.  This does not count as a failure.


The Forger’s Hammer (Potence 6)


Utilizing this power, an Elder Kindred may create a single melee weapon of superior quality.  This weapon can only be used by the forger as it is specifically crafted for his hand alone.  The weapon still poses two traits chosen at creation, but may use two handed weapon traits even if wielded with one hand.  Additionally, the weapon causes aggravated damage regardless of the chosen traits.  The elder must spend one downtime action each cycle to maintain the quality of the blade.  If the Kindred fails to use this downtime action, the weapon dulls and functions only as a normal weapon, with the standard restrictions.


Star Magnetism (Presence 6)


This power allows the character’s Presence to carry over onto film, video tape, photographs or any other sort of visual recording. It even carries over to paintings if the portrait is an accurate representation. It may be consciously turned off, but the power will otherwise snap into effect whenever a camera is turned towards the Kindred.  The representation replicates Awe or Dread Gaze and the effects are permanent. Conversely a Kindred may begin a recording with either effect and change it at a specified point in the recording to the other.  Anyone who sees the image will be affected unless he spends a Willpower point every turn he sees it.



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