Custom Techniques

King of the Hill (Anarch Technique)

Requirement: Fortitude 2, Presence 2


A character who possesses this power cannot be knocked off her feet. Even if a stampeding animal charges her or a car runs her over, the Kindred remains rooted to the spot, adamantly refusing to yield her posture. This power was developed by a gang leader in the Anarch Free State, who is rumored to have met her Final Death after being hit by a train in an attempt to see just how far the power would protect her. Unfortunately for this Anarch, King Of The Hill doesn’t confer any extra resistance to damage, it merely prevents the Kindred from being knocked aside or to the ground.

System: This power is considered “always on,” simply, the character cannot be knocked aside or down — she stands her ground. Whatever caused the impact must yield instead. In most cases, this presents no problem, as the person hitting the character absorbs the stress instead. In some cases, however, this power is a downright threat to the Masquerade, as a car will rebound off the character as if it hit a telephone pole. If the impact of whatever causes the damage is so great that it kills the Kindred, this power immediately ceases to work, and her corpse (or whatever remains of it) is battered aside. This is presumably why the train that hit the gang boss wasn’t derailed. Small objects, such as bullets, may also “blow through” at the Storyteller’s discretion, though they are just as likely to be lodged in the Kindred’s body.