Setting Style Sheet

Synopsis: Camarilla, modern nights, Orlando.

Mood: Cold war, Orlando is surrounded, besieged on all sides. It is rich in resources and influence and others…want it. Factions of Anarchs, The Sabbat  and Others are eager to claim it. Thus far they cannot. The Ivory Tower is too strong , you hope.

Style of play: (10 pts divided between 3)

  • Physical : 2
  • Social: 4
  • Mental: 4

Components: (1-10 scale)

  • Action (combat and challenges): 4
  • Character development (personal dilemma and choices): 7
  • Darkness (corruption fear and horror): 3
  • Drama (ceremony and grand story): 5
  • Intrigue (politics and negotiation): 7
  • Manners (social etiquette and peer pressure): 8
  • Mystery (enigmas and investigation): 6
  • PC death (how often is it present):4

Camarilla Setting in the By Night Studios book.

Anarch PCs are allowed.

Starting XP:  120XP

Merit/Flaws adjustments:  No cost to bloodline, clan rarity.

Use of Incendiary rounds AND  Automatic weapons  Will be limited to certain backgrounds and influence.

Please be advised that ST Staff have the right to veto any character build they deem destructive to cohesive game play. We are here ultimately to have fun!


Any DownTimes, Influence and questions:  (Chris)

Lead ST ( Character creation questions,  New Players questions: )                                                 Vekah the Awesome