CPT – XP System

CPT Systems

Every month every active character in every troupe will receive a minimum of 100 CPT automatically on the 1st of the month.  Additional ways to earn more CPT will be available and discussed below with the intent to provide a monthly earnable CAP of 200 total CPT per month earned.  We’ll adjust this up/down as necessary. The monthly CPT grant of 100 (plus earned) can be used to purchase your XP or other benefits of IC relevance for your character.  By Night Studios has a XP Curve as part of their system to manage XP growth over time – we will be honoring that and be implementing it in the cost structure of purchasing CPT. Below is a table that reflects the cost to purchase XP with your CPT.  The cost increases over time as your character gains XP.  Your calculation of cost is against your CURRENT TOTAL XP (spent and unspent).   So, if you have 240 XP it costs 17 CPT per XP.

CPT Actions Cost for 1 XP
Buy 10xp < 200xp 10
Buy 10xp < 300xp 15
Buy 10xp < 400xp 20
Buy 10xp < 500xp 25
Buy 10xp < 600xp 30
Buy 10xp < 700xp 35
Buy 10xp < 800xp 40

Max monthly XP purchased: 15XP – that will get very hard to maintain as you grow in XP which is entirely appropriate and within the BNS setting fro XP curve growth.  We may modify the economy of CPT – how much and how it is is earned but unlikely to change the XP purchase scale as it reflects BNS model for a troupe game.

CPT is earned on a PER CHARACTER basis and only applies to the character. The current earnable cap is 200 CPT per month per character.  This may be adjusted over time.

Character progression is something that should over time – the game already starts WELL above book starting value of 30XP and is on the upper end of a ‘large seasoned city’ model.

Earning CPT

Earning tables may adjust over time,  we will certainly add more over time as well.  Just like in the XP purchase system,

Earning CPT (Maximum 200/Month):

100: Active player. Monthly game or regularly online.
50: Storyteller.
25: Host Game RL (Divisible).
25: Technical Administration.
25: Narrator.
25: Harpy Report (Divisible).
25: Blood Donation.
25: Character Background Story (250+ Words).
20: Character Questionnaire (https://darknessascending.org/mechanics/character-questionnaire/).
15: Character Blurb (Public Info & Picture).
15: 6 Sentences. (3: Who PC is. 3: Where PC is going).
10-20: Food Donation ($10-$20).

CPT is going to spent during character creation and during the life of your character.  The list today is limited but we intend to expand the options you can spend CPT on.  Some of these concepts like Stock Locations are new concepts an additional information is coming.  Clan Selection costs will be based on setting – which means based on the City Troupe location and decisions of the Lead ST of that location.  In some locations, playing a Samedi or True Brujah might be lower cost then at others.

Spending CPT

Generation Background
Generation BG:1 (11th) 0
Generation BG:2 (9th) 50
Generation BG:3 (8th) 150
Generation BG:4 (7th) 300
Generation BG:5 (6th) 500
Clans CPT
Purchase Uncommon Clan 100 . Assamite: Sorcerer
. Assamite (Non Vizier)
. Followers of Set
. Followers of Set: Vipers
. Gangrel: Coyotes
. Giovanni
. Giovanni: Premascine
. Lasombra-Anti
. Toreador: Ishtarri
. Ventrue: Crusaders
. Ravnos
Purchase Rare Clan 250 . Cappadocians
. Cappadocians: Samedi
. Followers of Set: Tlacique
. Gargoyles
. Malkavian: Ananke
. Ravnos: Brahman
. Toreador: Volgirre
. Tzmisce: Carpathians
. Daughters of Cacophony
Purchase Ultra Rare Clan 500 . Baali
. Baali: Angellis Ater
. Brujah: True Brujah
. Cappadocians: Lamia
. Gangrel: Noiad
. Gangrel: Ahrimanes
. Lasombra: Kiasyd
. Salubri
. Salubri: Healer
. Tremere: Telyav
. Tzimisce-Anti
. Tzimisce: Koldun