Originally formed in 2007 as ‘Larp Therapy’,  Orlando By Night is the premier Orlando Live Action RP group catered around White Wolf and By Night Studio’s World of Darkness.

Our group mainly plays the By Night variant of the Vampire: The Masquerade rule set. However, other games in the White Wolf canon are not necessarily out of the question. We are very welcoming to new players and have no problem assisting those who are new to the game in learning the rules. We do not require intricate costumes, though we do encourage players having some manner of costuming.

To contact our group:


To Make a Character

  1. Visit https://beta.worldofdarkness.com/
  2. Register (top right)
  3. Find Games
  4. Find and Join Orlando by Night
  5. Join our Chronicle as Player (this will allow the SSD to work

The Grand Masquerade and Blood & Betrayal 4 (BB4).

Go to https://www.masqueradebynight.com/

Get 50 CPT for registering by July 31.  Send email to OrlandobyNightst@gmail.com when you have registered and we will get you the credit!

Learn more about B&B 4 at The Grand Masquerade!  Download the design doc for character development.  https://orlandobynightdotorg.files.wordpress.com/2017/07/bb4designdoc_bynightstudios_july2017.pdf


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ray Ellison says:

    I stumbled across this page on a Web search. Is this group still active? When and where do you meet? Are you accepting new players?


    1. We are still active! You can find our next event at http://www.meetup.com/OrlandoByNight/

      Eventually we will migrate event management to our site, but for now we use meetup! Next game should be on the 9th I believe? Come check us out! We average around 20-40 players a game.


    2. otownst says:

      Hey Ray

      My name is John Quest I am one of the lead STs for this chronicle.. Welcome, Yes we still very active, our next game is Sat Jul 16. Information can be found at the Meet up page and The Facebook page.

      Or you can email me


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