Thorn-Elder- Gangrel-Primogen

Old world Viking from the height of the Viking empire.  A seafaring raider who loved and still love the sea and fighting. He was turned by a savage named Mantotohpa in the savage lands over a thousand years ago and given to and set over my sister Kimi, who is my brood mate (we were embraced about the same time).
Thorn moved to the area that is now called Geneva with my sister about 150 years ago. We came down here at my sister request. She was following an Indian legend of eternal life and power.
Then I fell in love with this place of endless swamp, forest, and oceans all the while my sister studies the mystics of this land that here people hold dear.
We enjoy the freedoms of unalined life.
I joined the camarila and am currently the primogen of my clan

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