The Dread Pirate

Searching for Buttercup,  His princess, The Dread Pirate allows no prisoner to live. He is quick with a blade as his wit.  Rumour has it.. He is left handed

Colonel Beauregard Hardee- Ventrue Elder- Primogen

Col Hardee has just recently arrived in Orlando and has taken the seat of Primogen of Clan Ventrue.  The Colonel is a business man and has set up a Gun shop called Scepter Firearms that deals with vintage and modern firearms . Store open to all and special showings can be arranged by invitation.

Krazy- Malkavian Neonate

Whispers and conjecture are what surround his appearances, but what is common is his pension to be where big trouble brews.   His actions, words, and mannerisms rival the worst deranged among the Malkavians.  He is volatile, unpredictable, and at time very useful… which is why they call him crazy, not sure if that is…

Totes “Tim” McGoats-Malkavian Neonate

There once was a man from Nantucket, nah, just kidding. This is Toats “Tim” McGoats. He is a special guy. He was sired by a horrible Vampire who couldn’t even create a proper childe. Now after traveling around the country to ensure his past never visits him again he has settled in Orlando. He has…

April 7 Harpy Report – Bitch Time

The best way to approach an unknown situation is ask questions first. Perhaps, a lot of questions. Even better, ask yourself how many ways this situation could blow up in your face. And if you still wish to proceed … well, I hope it was worth it. I doubt it will be. Some were present…