Abel “Stringer” Moran–Toreador Anarch

Originally from the mountains of Virginia, Stringer moved to Orlando a few months ago. Very musically and artistically talented. Well known to a scattered sample of fans from across the world via his Internet connections, but he apparently uses many handles, not just “Stringer”. Mostly known as a local musician, quickly gained fame state-wide in Florida for eclectic experimental world music and putting on public participatory improvisational art and music experiments. Known to seek out and master rare musical instruments. His website and music can be found at http://unstrunghero.blogspot.com .
Has a very disarming presence, outwardly friendly, but very focused, stubborn, and curious to a fault. Was greatly effected by the “War Between The States” and may speak of this to fellow kin. His brother, Isaac Kimber Moran fought for the South and he stayed home fighting off roving gangs of bushwackers. This effects his views of politics in his afterlife, human or vampire. Politics and social order are concepts he’s keen on controlling, even if it’s not outwardly apparent. His social subtlety and extreme focus on perfecting his music and art hides a powerhouse of influence and penchant for manipulation. The details of his turning are mostly a blur, but involve abandonment by a red-haired woman he barely got to know.
To Stringer, everything is art, a performance, a playground!

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