Sigwalt Stein -Nosferatu Elder- Imperator of the South East-NPC

Sigwalt Stein – Current Imperator Of South East:

Former Prince of Orlando and Augusta Georgia – was managing Orlando in a time of crisis, hoping to increase his power base and perhaps make a bid for Justicar by seeing Orlando out of Sabbat hands. However, he was ousted from his position in Orlando due to his Seneschal, Michelle Durant’s attempted betrayal of the city of Orlando to the Sabbat. The position of power that he previously held in the city is now being held by Gabriel Vega of Clan Tremere. His plans at this point remain unclear, as his few known allies among the Orlando Kindred were ousted upon his Seneschal’s death.

Sigwalt is a menacing and imposing figure that towers over most kindred both physically and mentally.  The former Prince of Orlando had little time for small talk, having preferred to allow his Seneschal handle any necessary pleasantries.  While slow to anger, it is unheard of for his rage to end without the loss of life.  Stein has long ago purged himself of his German accent and rumors swirl that the cracking of his American facade is the last warning before some sorry Kindred is rendered to ash.

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