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April 17, 2017 / Camarilla

Loyal to the tower. Efficient and Smooth. What secrets does she hold.

April 8, 2017 / Camarilla

Searching for Buttercup,  His princess, The Dread Pirate allows no prisoner to live. He is quick with a blade as his wit.  Rumour has it.. He is left handed

April 8, 2017 / Player Characters

Barbee Hotel Heiress Power Shopper What else is there?   Oh My Gawd

April 8, 2017 / Past Residents
April 8, 2017 / Camarilla

Whispers and conjecture are what surround his appearances, but what is common is his pension to be where big trouble brews.   His actions, words, and mannerisms rival the worst deranged among the Malkavians.  He is volatile, unpredictable, and at time very useful… which is…

April 7, 2017 / Harpy Report - Orlando

The best way to approach an unknown situation is ask questions first. Perhaps, a lot of questions. Even better, ask yourself how many ways this situation could blow up in your face. And if you still wish to proceed … well, I hope it was…

March 29, 2017 / Uncategorized

We now have a tool created by KNETIK.com on behalf of White Wolf for the World of Darkness.  It is in BETA.  Go to the link below and follow instructions on how to make your character! Visit https://beta.worldofdarkness.com/ Register (top right) Find Games Find and Join…

March 22, 2017 / magic kingdom

Words from the Palace Don’t we just have the most wonderful Prince in the whole wide world?  Our Prince Vicenzo,  he is the sweetest thing.  Embracing little ol’ me and my kin in the city with such big,  strong, open arms? To find myself,  and…

March 22, 2017 / Harpy Report - Orlando

This past Saturday evening, Prince Vitale held his first official gathering. And during such an event, I honestly would have expected to be quietly sitting in a dark corner, pondering a new hobby. Unfortunately, that was not the case.  I am unsure why this statement…

March 2, 2017 / Camarilla

Mr. Kennedy sees himself as a shark when it comes to the political currents of Kindred society, yet falls short when it comes to the brutality of said society. Regardless he’s come to this warzone, looking for his Sire and to make a name for…