Lily Quinn – Toreador – Ancilla

Lily Quinn (Lily White; Quinn) (birth name Amelia Monica Prendergrass) is an escort and fashion designer from the Northeast. As a child she developed a love of dance and a love of fashion design. At the age of 16 she became an emancipated minor after her parents kicked her out of the house, where she obtained a job as an exotic dancer, performing under the stage name Lily White. She rose steadily in popularity, as her natural talent dancing and youth made her a favorite among the regulars.

Once she was Embraced, she started business as a professional escort. She is known for having a demure, pristine, youthful appearance. As a fashion designer, she is known by the name Quinn. Her designs have a punk, gothic, and steampunk bent to them, and her clothes are wildly popular among teens and young adults. She keeps her birth name a secret, choosing instead to go by Lily, Quinn, or Lily Quinn.